How to use the program

How to use the program

LPTOUT.EXE is very easy to use program. The program takes one parameter, which is the data value to send to the parallel port. That value must be integer in decimal format (for example 255). Hexadecimal numbers can also be used, but they must be preceded by $ mark (for example $FF). The program hoes not have any type of error checking to keep it simple. If your number is not in correct format, the program will send some strange value to the port.

NOTE: I have found out that this program does not work reliably on some Windows 2000 systems I have tested on this. I don’t know what is causing this specific problem (other than you should not try to access hardware directly on Windows NT based system..). I have not tested this program with Windows XP.

Example how to use the program

Set all datapins to low level.

Set all datapins to high level.

Set datapin D0 to high level and all other datapins to low level.

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